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What Will I Walk Away With?

This is the most important detail in the sale of a home, but often times it can be overlooked.  Much attention is focused on what it will cost you to sell your home, often times the “NET PROFIT” can be overlooked.

When you receive an offer, House Facts Realty will help you to determine what you’ll net at the close of escrow. In order to do this, we will look over the terms of the contract, as well as ownership information, such as your mortgage payoff, and insurance and/or tax proration. To find out how much money you’ll net from the sale of your house, add up your closing costs and subtract from the sale price of your house. Here is a list of closing costs that you may incur as a seller:

  1. Mortgage Payoff
  2. Prorations for Taxes
  3. Prorations for Association Dues / Utility Dues
  4. Title Policy Fees
  5. Home Warranty
  6. Septic / Well Certification
  7. Brokerage Fees
  8. Seller Contribution (if applicable)
  9. HOA Transfer Fees

We will review these costs with you, and determine approximately what you can expect to net at closing.