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House Facts Home-Selling Team Founder Brad Fairman was a deputy with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. As such, protecting others was and remains part of his “occupational DNA.” As his career evolved over time, this same mindset and mission—keeping others safe, secure and fully informed–has endured and traveled with him from the streets of law enforcement to the streets of real estate. Brad left law enforcement, but he did not, and could not, shed the core values that drove him to that profession in the first place: protecting and serving others. This is a primary factor that differentiates him from almost all other agents in the industry—nationwide.

Brad discovered his passion for real estate in 2003. Reluctant to leave his post in law enforcement to which he had long been devoted, he worked both professions simultaneously until 2010; at this point, he decided to dedicate 100% of his time, energy, and passion to real estate and his clients’ needs. He considered that, just as he had served and protected the public as a law enforcement officer, he could use the specialized knowledge and skills he had gained in this field to serve and protect his clients in the real estate industry–buyers and sellers alike.

This proved to be a successful formula: Brad has consistently been a Multi-Million Dollar top producer and one of Brevard County’s most dedicated, respected and trusted real estate agents.

Brad is now rated in the top 2% of agents in the entire nation. Brad and his team is helping to revolutionize the entire real estate industry. Trust matters. Facts matter. This is the foundation of House Facts Home-Selling Team.

Brad and his team educate and protect the consumer in all real estate transactions and they guarantee results with cutting edge marketing that is revolutionizing how Real Estate is bought and sold in today’s market. If you are a buyer or seller looking to protect the value of your property, look no further than House Facts Home-Selling Team and their great team of specialized agents!